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Here is a SHORT / COMPLETE list of our services.

Computer Repair

We repair and rebuild computers.  We also remove virus and spyware from them.  We set ourselves apart by removing the virus.  Not just simply reloading the computer.  We keep your files and data in tact and back everything up before starting the repair.  This way we make sure we won't loose any of your preciouse data.

Phone Repair

From glass repair to charging ports.  One of the few if not the only company in the Kansas City area to repair charging ports on phones.  This is not an easy task as it takes some delicate moves to get the chargine port off the board with out damaging it.  EZ Tech Guys technicians have stepped up to this challenge and ever since we have made some people very happy fixing this problem.

Network Cabling

Did you move, rearrange the office, new business in a new facility?  EZ Tech Guys can help wire your building to keep you moving fast.  While wireless networks have become better, still people know that wireless devices fail all the time.  We can offer to do your cabling for a lot less than what you would think.  When we are done you would have swore a major company did it.  We keep our prices down by keeping our overhead down.  Call us today to come out and do a bid.